About us

The AUAEA was founded in 2003 to promote and maintain bilateral relations, the economic as well as the cultural exchange between Austria and the United Arab Emirates.

The Austria - United Arab Emirates Association is member of the Federation of Austrian-Foreign Societies (PaN, Partner of all Nations).

Vision & Goals

  • Encourage a wide range of economic, scientific and cultural cooperation
  • Promote and stimulate cultural exchange
  • Strengthen and increase the business relations between the two countries


  • Lectures, panel discussions, exhibitions and readings to related topics
  • Business delegations in the member countries
  • Conferences on current topics
  • Maintain good relationships to decision makers in both countries

The Board

Here we introduce the members of our board!

S.E. Ibrahim Salim AL MUSHARRAKH, UAE-Ambassador
S.E. Hamad ALKAABI, IAEA-Ambassador of UAE
Walter HILDEBRAND Senior
Thomas GRAF
Christian J. KOIDL
Richard SCHENZ
Gustav ORTNER († 2022) deputy general secretary
Richard FRÖHLICH treasurer
Gabriele STOWASSER secretary
Nikolaus SEIWALD board member
Anton GAAL board member
Theodor KANITZER board member
Mouddar KHOUJA board member
Johannes PINCZOLITS board member
Robert SCHNEIDER board member
Otto SCHWETZ board member
Robert TAUBER board member
Gertrud TAUCHAMMER board member
Martin GROSS
Doris Maria KOFLER
Friedrich SCHWANK

Benefits of the Membership

burj al arab
  • Cultural and economic exchange with the AUAEA network
  • Participation at the forum to foster bilateral relations
  • Events to related topics
  • Delegations to the United Arab Emirates and Austria
  • Members with strong ties to the UAE
  • Building bridges between Austria and UAE